October 30, 2010

Birthday Pics!!!

I have more to upload but blogger isn't cooperating :( I will try again soon!

September 20, 2010

1 Yr Stats

I realize I need to post more often and I have TONS of pictures/events to post and I'll get there I promise! But for now - here are Lane's 1 year stats,

Head: 19
Weight: 22 lbs - just below 50th%
Height: 32" - above 90th%

He is starting to toddle around - I wouldn't call it full on walking since he's 50/50 on the whole crawling/walking thing, but he is definitely getting more adventurous w/ walking around the house.

June 18, 2010

9 Month Stats

the 9 Month well visit was yesterday - here's the stats:

Height: 30" - 90th percentile
Weight: 19 lb, 11 oz - slightly below 50th percentile
Head: 17 1/2 (shrank 1/4") Can babies heads really do this lol????

May 1, 2010

Jinx's New Playmate

There have been a few times when out of the corner of my eye I notice Lane 'attacking' Jinx. What I thought was 99% instigated by my lil troublemaker, I've found is about 50/50. Jinx will purposely walk over to Lane and let him grab hold of her. She just lays there and takes it like a champ and half the time Lane cracks up when she skitters away or jumps over him to get out of the way.  She used to make a beeline for the other direction when she would see him coming her way and now that only happens half the time. The other half she's happy to let him get her (I wonder if that's a sign of the lack of attention that she gets from us, well less than usual)

April 25, 2010

Busy Little Bee

Lane is now crawling EVERYWHERE, and pulling up to standing position along whatever edge of surface is a) tall enough and b) close to mommy. He also loves to stand at his activity table and has figured out how to open and close the laptop on it. It is a good thing that we lowered the crib when we did because w/in that week he'd figured out how to stand up in it. It still amazes me how one minute he was scooting around and just sitting up and then next he was standing up and crawling. He also has two bottom teeth already, but I think his next one(s) is still a little ways off.

Our ducks

 Friday Jay called me and what started off as any one of our normal conversations soon turned to the topic of ducks. We'd been discussing what it would take to get an area set up for the birds and how many we would be getting. He wanted 20 (at the very beginning), he'd since come down to 10, however I was not budging from my number of 5. You see, I'm not the biggest fan of them (well, more like what comes out of them) and that's a LOT of duck poo with 10 I finally got him convinced that 5 was the magic number and off to Farm King we went! We picked up a waterer, some feed, a heat lamp housing and even a magazine on ducks (Jay's choice), oh and I almost forgot the most important thing - 5 baby duckies. You should have seen my husband, he was like a little kid in a candy store! He was hovering over the duck 'pen' like a little kid trying to get the best ones. We put them in the little box and off to the register to pay for our new prized possessions we go. After a quick stop to grab something to eat we headed home to get our ducks settled into their new home (a box in our wash house). Sadly, we lost one early Saturday morning, when I went across the deck to check all 5 were alive, although one wasn't as active. By the time that Jay went out 30 min later w/ my mom it was gone. So we are now down to 4 ducks and so far so good (we are on day 2 of our adventure). Our next step is to get an outside home set up for them, so that when they are big enough we can move them out of the wash house. 

I'm pretty sure we have runner ducks although what exact breed I'm not sure...we shall see when they get their 'big kid' feathers.

The Hair Cut....

Last Sunday I took it upon myself to give my lil' man a much needed hair cut. He was getting a little shaggy. Here is a before picture:

Here is the after pic:

April 7, 2010

1st Farm Visit

Lane had his first farm visit last week, the older calves weren't quite sure what to think of him and the younger heifer came right up to him to check him out. He also got to ride a Hereford heifer.


We had a great 1st Easter w/ the lil man! The Easter Bunny brought Lane some Puffs baby snacks and Alice in Wonderland (he also brought some chocolate for Mom & Dad). We had an Easter Egg hunt w/ cousins Paige & Camden at the Kocher Easter celebration - which really involved Jay carrying Lane around and picking up the eggs for him. Here are some pics from Easter Sunday.


March 27, 2010


Since Tuesday night I have been without internet because of a certain brown eyed 6 month old. Jay was in the back checking cows and had called me to bring him something cold to drink. As I was changing I had to run upstairs to get a t-shirt to wear and I left Lane playing on the floor playing and in the 3 minutes it took me to go upstairs and grab a shirt he had made his way across the floor to my laptop and had pulled out my broadband card. At first, I thought no big deal - then I looked closer...he'd somehow managed to rip the main part of it away from the little metal piece that is inserted into the computer (this little metal piece was still in my computer).Thankfully, the Verizon store had one left and it was Mac compatible! Below is a picture of my old one...from now on my computer will be up high and out of reach of scooting, rolling brown eyed little stinkers!

March 20, 2010

Playin' around....

I am in love with Pioneer Woman! For those of you who haven't read her blog, she is a city girl turned ranch wife and blogs about daily adventures of life on the ranch. She has 4 kids, aka 'punks', she refers to her husband as Marlboro Man (MM) and also has a cooking blog which is not meant for anyone who wants to eat healthy, a photography blog (where I downloaded the action sets I played around with this morning) and she also homeschool's her punks. I highly recommend reading it - although if you are hungry I would recommend NOT visiting that portion until you've eaten - it will make you want to run out and get whatever is on her list (providing you don't already have it) and make it that instant. It takes serious willpower I'm telling ya!

Ok, so this morning I was playing around w/ several pictures I have taken in the last few are the results!



March 17, 2010

6 Month Stats

Lane is growing like a weed!! He had his 6 Month check up today and all was well.

Weight: 17 lbs 8 oz - 50%
Height: 29 inches - 95%
Head: 17 3/4

March 14, 2010

Mystery Solved....

We left to go to church today - and like usual - called for Jinx to come in. Well, she didn't come in. This time we were prepared - we drove down to the trailer park and just as we were coming up on the first entrance, there she went running across the road and into the park. So we retrieved her and took her back home - needless to say she spent the whole rest of the morning in her kennel (which never happens unless she is bad, and she knew she was in trouble too because she wouldn't even get into the car at first). As we were driving down the road to the trailer park, we saw our neighbor (who owns several dogs, 2 of which walk with him, Major & Chopper) walking. By the time we got Jinx corralled in the car and scolded, he'd made it to us. He informed us that she can hear us calling her because she stops and looks back at us but decides to blatantly disregard her owners and continue to follow her buddies.

I knew our dog would never take off down to the trailer park on her own. And the first time this happened she was coming out of heat - so I contributed her running to that. But after today I know different. Usually I see Brian coming and can corral her before they get here. We also have another gentleman who runs (he's pretty predictable, and is usually passing our place by the time I get home or shortly after), so she's usually inside by the time I see anyone coming.

So mystery solved, I now know to keep a closer eye on her when she's outside so that I don't have to go retrieve her constantly, since it takes so much more work if I am the only one home (loading up Lane, etc).

March 8, 2010

6 Mos

Wow - where has the time gone?? My lil' man is 6 months old today!! His first tooth just broke through this past Friday and I think we are working on number 2, and he's rolling and flipping and scooti' all over! He has started to get up onto all fours and this morning even moved his left knee forward and then promptly went SPLAT!

Here is a pic from his 6 month photo shoot (he's really gonna hate the site of the camera when he's older lol). I would post a pic of his first tooth but that would require him to stay still for more than a nano-second!!!

March 4, 2010

Jinx's little excursion....

It all began Monday night.

I got home from work and picking up the munchkin around 5:00 as usual, I let the dog out and went about my business in the house. Jay got home shortly after I did since we had a meeting that night and he left her out. We left for the meeting around 5:45 and went to go call for Jinx inside...we called....and we called.....and we called...NO DOG!!! So we left the porch door open thinking that she would be there by the time we got back....came back....NO DOG. Jay go the munchkin settled as I hopped in his truck w/ two meager flashlights and drove back to the feedlot, then I drove to the neighbor's house who's land borders ours, then I drove to the mobile home park at the other end of our road....NO DOG! By this point I had given up and feared 1 of 2 things had happened, a) the coyotes got her or b) someone picked her up and was taking her as their new pet. Well, we went to bed that night and the porch door was left open again (hoping that we wouldn't wake up to any other animal on our porch than our mischievous dog). We checked a couple of times during the night, and when we got up that morning....still NO DOG. Jay went and walked the pasture because we thought that maybe she had gotten caught up in the fence and couldn't get loose, that didn't turn up our missing he hopped into the truck and drove down the road to a couple different neighbor's houses and then went back to the mobile home park....and guess what....FOUND THE DOG!!!! I definitely breathed a huge sigh of relief that my two worst fears hadn't come true. That night she got a long overdue was desperately needed since she was very, very dirty upon returning home.

She apparently spent the whole night wandering the mobile home park, as some friends of ours saw her on their porch in the wee morning hours. Another gentleman who lived there saw here Monday night and said that after discovering his dogs, she took off around the house at about 100 miles/hour and took off towards the neighbors house (that's our girl, full throttle all the way). I'm not sure what caused her to run, since she has never done anything like this before, she will run to the back of our property and through the pastures and explore and hide toys, but this is a first! I'm blaming hormones!!!!

All is back to normal now - we have a clean, happy, hormone free dog!

February 27, 2010


Ok so for the whole duration of my blog (up until now) - you guys weren't able to leave comments. Well, guess what??? NOW YOU CAN!!! I fixed it - so comment away!!!

February 20, 2010

Eating Solids....

Lane has been eating solids for just over a month now and so far everything he has tried, he loves! Here are some pics of our first attempt at the whole solid thing.

So far we have eaten rice cereal, oat cereal, squash, bananas, sweet potatoes, mangos, carrots, pears, applesauce, peas, and a few mixed friuts & veggies.

5 Month Photo Shoot

I love taking photos of my little man! But then again, what Mom doesn't like taking photos of their kiddos?? Lane's current obsession's are toes, jumping up and down, rolling all over, and as always SMILING!!!!

Here are a couple pics from his 5 Month shoot...

Here are some pics from my most recent photo shoot, all I used was a black sheet, an ironing board and some props (rubber duckies)!