May 22, 2009

Swelling and Mexican Jumping Beans

Today I am 24 weeks! And for the past week now my feet have taken on that swollen look. Where my ankle bone used to be, there is now just a big puff.... I didn't think that was supposed to start that soon, I thought I might have another month before that happened. My fingers have also started to swell up and I'm down to wearing just my wedding band and that's only in the office, if I'm at home or outside I leave them off.

I also feel like I'm carrying around a little mexican jumping bean! The little one has been kicking and punching and probably doing flips as well. If I press on my belly he or she kicks/punches at my hand. I've also seen my shirt move twice now cuz of the force of the punches! It is such an amazing thing to see! The first time it happened I caught it out of my peripheral vision and couldn't believe that was what I actually saw, the second time was this morning as I was watching tv before work. I was sitting in the recliner with my hand resting on my belly and all of the sudden my hand moved! I kept my hand on there and the baby kept punching away as hard as could be, it was so neat! So far I haven't been woke up by movement at night but our little one sure is active during the day....ALL DAY!!!

I'm still feeling wonderful - other than mild heartburn and a sore back if I bend over too much. I have learned to take lots of breaks when picking up around the house and what not. My parents are coming down this weekend and will be helping me gut out the baby's room and patching the many nail holes that are in the room so that we can paint it. I can't believe it - 4 more months and we will have a little one in our arms!! How time has flown!

May 13, 2009

Ice Cream......or lack there of.....

So the other night Jay and I go to have some ice cream. I had a small tub of Peach Sherbet and a container of Blue Bunny Cookie Dough. I haven't had a bowl of ice cream in several weeks and it was sounding good. Well, I figured there was plenty of cookie dough for the both of us, well Jay opens it up and there's not enough for two servings. So I told him I wanted the cookie dough and he could have the other kind (I've only had one bowl of the cookie dough before this). So he gets out the sherbet and just grabs a spoon so I look into the container and it's almost all apparently someone was sneaking around eating all the ice cream!! I've realized now that I'm going to have to keep the ice cream stocked if I get a sudden craving for it so this never happens again...