April 20, 2009

Ultrasound pics!!!!!

Everything went well, the tech said that I was measuring a week ahead putting my due date at 9/3/09. Although, I will still go with the 9/11/09 as I figure I'm prolly just growing a big baby lol! It was such a neat thing to see and at one point it even looked like 'Squirt' was waving at us. "Squirt" was very calm during the U/S - he/she wasn't punching and kicking like I thought it would be - just sort of laid there all calm and relaxed. The tech couldn't get a pic of the baby all stretched out cuz Squirt was curled into a ball.

April 8, 2009

Almost to the halfway point.....

So today I'm sitting here and I realize that I will be 18 wks on Friday...two weeks shy of being to the halfway point! Have I really been preggers this long (well of course but it doesn't feel like it)??? My next Dr. appt is on April 20th and so is my ultrasound, at which point I will be 19 weeks, 3 days. WOW is all I have to say! There is so much yet to do for the little baby (like get his/her room ready) and I haven't hardly started any of it.....I guess I need to get crackin'!!!

April 2, 2009

Can't Sleep

So it's almost 6 am and I've been up since around 3:30 am!! I have been on the computer for the last hour! So far I haven't been able to upload pics of my new nephew due to a missing cord....but for those of you who would like to know - he arrived around 4 pm on April 1 and was 9 lbs 14 oz and 19 inches long. His name is Camden James and he has a mass of dark hair on his head and is adorable!

In other news.....I leave for Michigan w/ Christy and Troy (other nephew) on Friday evening and it will probably be a long drive because we will most likely hit Chicago traffic (gag) and I will be a very tired driver!! Apparently the little sea monkey gives mommy bad motion sickness therefore I do not passenger well (specially if I am in the backseat!). I can't wait for that to go away!!! Of course I have waited to pack till the absolute last minute which means rush packing....hopefully I don't forget anything important (like registration papers that dad needs)!!!

To help me remember please send me a text asking if I have the following things:
-Registration papers
-Jinx serum
-garage sale items
-me, my bags and my purse (HAHA)

Thank you all for listening to my early early morning ramblings - I have found my camera cord (on the floor, under the desk in my old office)...Here's the little man!