December 30, 2008

New Year....

As I sit here waiting for pictures from a client so that I can input them into the catalog I have completed, I decided that I needed to write another's been awhile.

The New Year is almost upon us and I'm still debating about coming up with some New Year's Resolutions (which I won't keep, but will feel good making them). Here would be the Resolutions I would make:

- Get into shape once and for all! I thought I had done pretty good last year, I started WeightWatchers in April and lost almost 25 lbs, then I decided I was happy where I was and would go off it - cuz all things in moderation right? Well, I've gained back around 10 of those pounds I have lost :( Which I am blaming on the winter season...

-I would also love to get my house very tiny and so little storage space. I would like to utilize my basement more (we have one of those old houses where the cellar door is on the outside and there is only 5 inches of space in which to put your foot while going down the stairs which is not ideal for hauling things down there).

-To get more organized personally...each year I buy a new planner which I only use for like 3 months then one day I just stop writing in it. I am going to have a very busy year with 3 classes this Spring semester, planning and executing (assisting) a Shorthorn Jr. National, my side graphic design business, and whatever else comes along the way. I'm the type of person that if I don't write it down, it goes in one ear and out the other till someone reminds me or I have an "O Shit" moment and have to scramble to get it done. So if you have any suggestions for me on how to keep better organized please let me know! Any advice is greatly appreciated!

-To find another job (possibly)...I would love to work for a graphic design company with great benefits and be able to work from home for the most part. I love the fact that my current job is so close (15 minutes) but it is very boring in the off season and it's not really in my field of interest. For the last 2 months the majority of my day has consisted of surfing the internet and chatting with my friends on AIM or Yahoo Messenger...I know terrible but I literally HAVE NOTHING TO DO...until the occasional rabies tag comes in or I get an insurance bill to copy/file...

So there you have it - those are my possible New Year's Resolutions - I'm not promising I'll actually make them, but that's what they would be if I did. Although, I might really try to get some of them accomplished but I think if I state that they are my NYR then I will undoubtedly not follow through - so I think it better to just say they are my wish list....what do you think?

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! May your new year be blessed and all your Holiday dreams come true!

December 2, 2008


There are millions of galaxies circling millions of planets circling one point and that point is not you!

PETA - People for The Eating of Tasty Animals!

There is room for all God's creatures...right next to my mashed potatoes!

Wiggleworms, Wiggleworms! ~Larry the Cable Guy

Which country has the longest border along the US - Canada or Mexico? Mexico (answer of some dumb bimbo on 'Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader?')

Stress = The confusion created when ones mind overrides the body's desire to choke the living shit out of some asshole who desperately needs it!

My knight in shining armor turned out to be a loser in aluminum foil...

I have criteria for what is and is not a dog.
Here is what is not a dog:
Anything that bounces when it barks - not a dog.
Anything I can easily drop kick over my back fence - not a dog.
Anything that is easily terrified by a running leaf - it’s not a dog it’s a yapping beanie baby that’s what that is.
It’s the Richard Simmons of canines, that’s all i’m saying.

Holy crap on a cracker. ~Penny from Big Bang Theory