December 30, 2008

New Year....

As I sit here waiting for pictures from a client so that I can input them into the catalog I have completed, I decided that I needed to write another's been awhile.

The New Year is almost upon us and I'm still debating about coming up with some New Year's Resolutions (which I won't keep, but will feel good making them). Here would be the Resolutions I would make:

- Get into shape once and for all! I thought I had done pretty good last year, I started WeightWatchers in April and lost almost 25 lbs, then I decided I was happy where I was and would go off it - cuz all things in moderation right? Well, I've gained back around 10 of those pounds I have lost :( Which I am blaming on the winter season...

-I would also love to get my house very tiny and so little storage space. I would like to utilize my basement more (we have one of those old houses where the cellar door is on the outside and there is only 5 inches of space in which to put your foot while going down the stairs which is not ideal for hauling things down there).

-To get more organized personally...each year I buy a new planner which I only use for like 3 months then one day I just stop writing in it. I am going to have a very busy year with 3 classes this Spring semester, planning and executing (assisting) a Shorthorn Jr. National, my side graphic design business, and whatever else comes along the way. I'm the type of person that if I don't write it down, it goes in one ear and out the other till someone reminds me or I have an "O Shit" moment and have to scramble to get it done. So if you have any suggestions for me on how to keep better organized please let me know! Any advice is greatly appreciated!

-To find another job (possibly)...I would love to work for a graphic design company with great benefits and be able to work from home for the most part. I love the fact that my current job is so close (15 minutes) but it is very boring in the off season and it's not really in my field of interest. For the last 2 months the majority of my day has consisted of surfing the internet and chatting with my friends on AIM or Yahoo Messenger...I know terrible but I literally HAVE NOTHING TO DO...until the occasional rabies tag comes in or I get an insurance bill to copy/file...

So there you have it - those are my possible New Year's Resolutions - I'm not promising I'll actually make them, but that's what they would be if I did. Although, I might really try to get some of them accomplished but I think if I state that they are my NYR then I will undoubtedly not follow through - so I think it better to just say they are my wish list....what do you think?

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! May your new year be blessed and all your Holiday dreams come true!

December 2, 2008


There are millions of galaxies circling millions of planets circling one point and that point is not you!

PETA - People for The Eating of Tasty Animals!

There is room for all God's creatures...right next to my mashed potatoes!

Wiggleworms, Wiggleworms! ~Larry the Cable Guy

Which country has the longest border along the US - Canada or Mexico? Mexico (answer of some dumb bimbo on 'Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader?')

Stress = The confusion created when ones mind overrides the body's desire to choke the living shit out of some asshole who desperately needs it!

My knight in shining armor turned out to be a loser in aluminum foil...

I have criteria for what is and is not a dog.
Here is what is not a dog:
Anything that bounces when it barks - not a dog.
Anything I can easily drop kick over my back fence - not a dog.
Anything that is easily terrified by a running leaf - it’s not a dog it’s a yapping beanie baby that’s what that is.
It’s the Richard Simmons of canines, that’s all i’m saying.

Holy crap on a cracker. ~Penny from Big Bang Theory

November 17, 2008

Pioneer Woman

So I've become completely hooked by blog!!! I absolutely love it. I will sit here at work and read for hours and occasionally erupt w/ laughter (my co-workers look at me a little funny when I do that). As I was reading one of her blogs about cattle and ranch life I came across these two pictures.

So in this one try and figure out what is wrong w/ this took me a few minutes to figure it out but once I did I erupted in one of my outbursts of laughter and almost cried I was laughing so hard!

And this one is just plain hilarious!


November 12, 2008

Wikipedia your Sign....

Following a friend's lead I 'wikied' my zodiac sign and here are the traits.

  • Diplomatic / compromising however possibly manipulative
  • Cooperative
  • Fair / balanced / impartial
  • Idealistic (in relationships)
  • Charming
  • Sociable and easy-going, love having people around them.
  • Indecisive / changeable
  • Peace loving
  • Elegant / graceful
  • Refined / artistic / good taste
  • Pleasure oriented
  • Gentle
  • Sensitive to others
  • Analytical, clear-minded and logical, however still manages to be gullible and influenceable, na├»ve.
  • Kind
  • Cheerful
  • Romantic, strongly interested in the opposite sex
  • Flirty / frivolous, however loyal in marriage
So for those who know me, do you agree or not??

November 7, 2008

The Great Purse Swap

So to avoid spending a ton of money on buying new purses, my friend "C" and I have devised a wonderful plan. We will take pictures of our collections of purses and wallets and post them onto a private photo album on facebook. Then we will note which ones can be traded for keeps and which ones we will want back at some point. Then we get together for the Great Purse Swap! I can't wait to get started taking pictures of my many, many, many, many purses and get them posted and I can't wait for "C" to post her pics of her collection so that I can start perusing! I'm sure that we will both buy purses - but this should help cut down on the number that we buy (or at least I hope). My husband has gotten to the point where he just rolls his eyes when he sees a new purse...he doesn't even comment. What can I say I'm addicted to those things that hold all of my necessities, which is ironic because when I was in high school I refused to carry a purse...they were for girls and I was about as Tomboy as you could get. Then when I went to college something happened and I decided that I needed to start carrying a purse and it's all been downhill from there...every time I spot a new one that I like I grab it up w/o hesitation. I've even been known to debate about a purse in a store for at least 20 minutes, I'll just keep browsing around the purse section checking everything over carefully and going back and forth between two or three. I'm a purse-o-haulic what can I's a girl thing!

November 3, 2008

A Tall Order...

Here's my list of wants...I'm sure I will miss a few but I think these will cover the majority!

~I want a steam dryer.
~I want to grow old with my husband.
~I want to have at least three kids, preferably a boy first.
~I want to move into a bigger house with more storage space or build a new one.
~I want to win the lottery so that I can build my new!
~I want to be a stay at home mom when I have a family.
~I want to be a full time graphic designer working from home.
~I want to not have to work just to be the insurance provider.
~I want to live life to the fullest.
~I want to own my own horse, so that I can ride whenever I want...this weather is not helping.
~I want to travel to Italy, Australia, Greece and someplace tropical.
~I want to be closer to all my Michigan friends.
~I want to have friends around here that I can call and say 'let's go to a movie'.
~I want my college degree!
~I want to not have to pay loans.
~I want to live out west someday on a ranch with lots of cattle and horses!
~I want to feel that tingly feeling when I see my husband coming home from a hard days work.

I think that's a pretty good start.

October 28, 2008

Crossed Wires

I've discovered that my husband and I need to be more clear w/ each other at times. We got our wires crossed on Saturday night...he thought i was ignoring him and i thought he didn't want to have any fun (we were at a wedding reception w/ my parents, brother, his gf n their baby). To me he came off as not wanting to be around my bro, his gf and the baby. I wanted to hold the little guy as much as possible cuz they are two hours away from us. This all made for a long trip home from Knoxville, we got home - he changed and went upstairs and pretended that he was asleep. Then the next morning our wires still hadn't been uncrossed and at church he was leaning away from me like he wanted to be nowhere near me. Imagine my reaction to that one - I was really hurt. After we got back from church and were waiting for my parents to get there for lunch we talked a little bit about it - he thought i didn't want him near me (so not true) which is why he was leaning. Then last nite (Monday) we had our little convo and got everything worked out. Which made me realize that if something is on my mind that I need to speak out right then so that we don't go through two days of agony...

October 23, 2008

The Virgin Blog...

So at first I wasn't sure what I was going to say for my first Blog...but having just recently gotten off the phone w/ my dear hubby, I have some ammo!

This Saturday (10/25) I am hosting a shower for my brother's girlfriend for their new baby boy! Also, coinciding w/ that date Western (which is where I am heading to) is hosting a Discover Western day. My brother-in-law and mother-in-law will be going down for that, so I thought hey let's ride together! The third event coinciding w/ that day is a fellow Shorthorn breeder's wedding and reception. I decided that it would make more sense for my in-laws and I to ride together to Macomb, then I would meet up w/ my parents and go out and spend time w/ my nephew, until the shower. Then we would work out the ride details to get my in-laws back to Henry, and my husband to Knoxville. I, of course would ride with my parents to the reception and my dear hubby would meet us there. So I called him to inform him of my wonderful plan (I was so proud that I had figured it all out), what I tend to forget about in situations like this is that he has the 'We'll see' attitude about things like this. Now don't get me wrong, I realize that it is Harvest and being a farmer's daughter this is nothing new! The reception starts at 5:00 pm and for him that would mean approximately an hour drive, so he would have to stop at 3:30 to shower and get ready. Only problem is that he has to clear it with his dad & uncle(understandable), but the way that he says it implies that the farm dictates his life...and he can't do anything that he wants to do. This is my problem. I would love for him to think that it is ok to take off occasionally to have a social life. He always does this then we get to the event and he has a good time. I don't know why he puts up such a huge fuss!

I think that about sums it up for now...maybe later I'll give a little background on myself. But I had to vent!