March 14, 2010

Mystery Solved....

We left to go to church today - and like usual - called for Jinx to come in. Well, she didn't come in. This time we were prepared - we drove down to the trailer park and just as we were coming up on the first entrance, there she went running across the road and into the park. So we retrieved her and took her back home - needless to say she spent the whole rest of the morning in her kennel (which never happens unless she is bad, and she knew she was in trouble too because she wouldn't even get into the car at first). As we were driving down the road to the trailer park, we saw our neighbor (who owns several dogs, 2 of which walk with him, Major & Chopper) walking. By the time we got Jinx corralled in the car and scolded, he'd made it to us. He informed us that she can hear us calling her because she stops and looks back at us but decides to blatantly disregard her owners and continue to follow her buddies.

I knew our dog would never take off down to the trailer park on her own. And the first time this happened she was coming out of heat - so I contributed her running to that. But after today I know different. Usually I see Brian coming and can corral her before they get here. We also have another gentleman who runs (he's pretty predictable, and is usually passing our place by the time I get home or shortly after), so she's usually inside by the time I see anyone coming.

So mystery solved, I now know to keep a closer eye on her when she's outside so that I don't have to go retrieve her constantly, since it takes so much more work if I am the only one home (loading up Lane, etc).

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