March 27, 2010


Since Tuesday night I have been without internet because of a certain brown eyed 6 month old. Jay was in the back checking cows and had called me to bring him something cold to drink. As I was changing I had to run upstairs to get a t-shirt to wear and I left Lane playing on the floor playing and in the 3 minutes it took me to go upstairs and grab a shirt he had made his way across the floor to my laptop and had pulled out my broadband card. At first, I thought no big deal - then I looked closer...he'd somehow managed to rip the main part of it away from the little metal piece that is inserted into the computer (this little metal piece was still in my computer).Thankfully, the Verizon store had one left and it was Mac compatible! Below is a picture of my old one...from now on my computer will be up high and out of reach of scooting, rolling brown eyed little stinkers!

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