March 4, 2010

Jinx's little excursion....

It all began Monday night.

I got home from work and picking up the munchkin around 5:00 as usual, I let the dog out and went about my business in the house. Jay got home shortly after I did since we had a meeting that night and he left her out. We left for the meeting around 5:45 and went to go call for Jinx inside...we called....and we called.....and we called...NO DOG!!! So we left the porch door open thinking that she would be there by the time we got back....came back....NO DOG. Jay go the munchkin settled as I hopped in his truck w/ two meager flashlights and drove back to the feedlot, then I drove to the neighbor's house who's land borders ours, then I drove to the mobile home park at the other end of our road....NO DOG! By this point I had given up and feared 1 of 2 things had happened, a) the coyotes got her or b) someone picked her up and was taking her as their new pet. Well, we went to bed that night and the porch door was left open again (hoping that we wouldn't wake up to any other animal on our porch than our mischievous dog). We checked a couple of times during the night, and when we got up that morning....still NO DOG. Jay went and walked the pasture because we thought that maybe she had gotten caught up in the fence and couldn't get loose, that didn't turn up our missing he hopped into the truck and drove down the road to a couple different neighbor's houses and then went back to the mobile home park....and guess what....FOUND THE DOG!!!! I definitely breathed a huge sigh of relief that my two worst fears hadn't come true. That night she got a long overdue was desperately needed since she was very, very dirty upon returning home.

She apparently spent the whole night wandering the mobile home park, as some friends of ours saw her on their porch in the wee morning hours. Another gentleman who lived there saw here Monday night and said that after discovering his dogs, she took off around the house at about 100 miles/hour and took off towards the neighbors house (that's our girl, full throttle all the way). I'm not sure what caused her to run, since she has never done anything like this before, she will run to the back of our property and through the pastures and explore and hide toys, but this is a first! I'm blaming hormones!!!!

All is back to normal now - we have a clean, happy, hormone free dog!

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