April 25, 2010

Our ducks

 Friday Jay called me and what started off as any one of our normal conversations soon turned to the topic of ducks. We'd been discussing what it would take to get an area set up for the birds and how many we would be getting. He wanted 20 (at the very beginning), he'd since come down to 10, however I was not budging from my number of 5. You see, I'm not the biggest fan of them (well, more like what comes out of them) and that's a LOT of duck poo with 10 I finally got him convinced that 5 was the magic number and off to Farm King we went! We picked up a waterer, some feed, a heat lamp housing and even a magazine on ducks (Jay's choice), oh and I almost forgot the most important thing - 5 baby duckies. You should have seen my husband, he was like a little kid in a candy store! He was hovering over the duck 'pen' like a little kid trying to get the best ones. We put them in the little box and off to the register to pay for our new prized possessions we go. After a quick stop to grab something to eat we headed home to get our ducks settled into their new home (a box in our wash house). Sadly, we lost one early Saturday morning, when I went across the deck to check all 5 were alive, although one wasn't as active. By the time that Jay went out 30 min later w/ my mom it was gone. So we are now down to 4 ducks and so far so good (we are on day 2 of our adventure). Our next step is to get an outside home set up for them, so that when they are big enough we can move them out of the wash house. 

I'm pretty sure we have runner ducks although what exact breed I'm not sure...we shall see when they get their 'big kid' feathers.

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