September 20, 2009


Some pictures of our beautiful baby boy!!!

September 9, 2009

Our baby has arrived!!!

Lane Forrest Kocher was born last night, September 8th, 2009 at approximately 11:00 pm by C-Section. He weighed 9 lbs 6 3/4 oz and was 24.5 inches long. I labored from 9 pm Monday night until 9:30 pm Tuesday night. I didn't fully dilate until around 8 pm Tuesday and I pushed for two hours with no change what-so-ever. At 9:30 they tried the vacuum because he still was not engaging and they told us that if it pops off three times then we would have to have a c-section. It only popped off twice but he still hadn't budged (we had a very stubborn little man) so we went ahead and got the paperwork ready for the c/s. They came and got me around 10:30 and gave me another dose of my epidural to numb everything for the c/s and 4 minutes after making the incision he was out!

He wasn't breathing at first so they got him intubated immediately. And within 3 hours of him being born he was life lighted to OSF St.Francis to get better care since Illinois Valley Community Hospital was not set up to give Lane the proper care. Jay has been down there with him from the get go and is always calling me with updates. We have a Caring Bridge website set up to keep everyone updated on his progress and recovery. He will most likely be in the hospital for at least a week to week and a half.

The website address is - you are able to see the journal entries as well as sign the guestbook. I will try and keep the site updated every day! Keep our little guy in your thoughts and prayers.