November 7, 2008

The Great Purse Swap

So to avoid spending a ton of money on buying new purses, my friend "C" and I have devised a wonderful plan. We will take pictures of our collections of purses and wallets and post them onto a private photo album on facebook. Then we will note which ones can be traded for keeps and which ones we will want back at some point. Then we get together for the Great Purse Swap! I can't wait to get started taking pictures of my many, many, many, many purses and get them posted and I can't wait for "C" to post her pics of her collection so that I can start perusing! I'm sure that we will both buy purses - but this should help cut down on the number that we buy (or at least I hope). My husband has gotten to the point where he just rolls his eyes when he sees a new purse...he doesn't even comment. What can I say I'm addicted to those things that hold all of my necessities, which is ironic because when I was in high school I refused to carry a purse...they were for girls and I was about as Tomboy as you could get. Then when I went to college something happened and I decided that I needed to start carrying a purse and it's all been downhill from there...every time I spot a new one that I like I grab it up w/o hesitation. I've even been known to debate about a purse in a store for at least 20 minutes, I'll just keep browsing around the purse section checking everything over carefully and going back and forth between two or three. I'm a purse-o-haulic what can I's a girl thing!

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