October 28, 2008

Crossed Wires

I've discovered that my husband and I need to be more clear w/ each other at times. We got our wires crossed on Saturday night...he thought i was ignoring him and i thought he didn't want to have any fun (we were at a wedding reception w/ my parents, brother, his gf n their baby). To me he came off as not wanting to be around my bro, his gf and the baby. I wanted to hold the little guy as much as possible cuz they are two hours away from us. This all made for a long trip home from Knoxville, we got home - he changed and went upstairs and pretended that he was asleep. Then the next morning our wires still hadn't been uncrossed and at church he was leaning away from me like he wanted to be nowhere near me. Imagine my reaction to that one - I was really hurt. After we got back from church and were waiting for my parents to get there for lunch we talked a little bit about it - he thought i didn't want him near me (so not true) which is why he was leaning. Then last nite (Monday) we had our little convo and got everything worked out. Which made me realize that if something is on my mind that I need to speak out right then so that we don't go through two days of agony...

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