February 25, 2009

11 weeks and the heartbeat

Everything is going great! I met w/ my midwife yesterday and everything looks good! Our little one's heartbeat is 150 bpm, going healthy and strong. It was so amazing to hear and I was able to record it on my phone so that I could let Jay hear later on. With Grandma in the hospital and Doug having to watch Uncle Johnny - they are a little shorthanded so he thought it best to stay home and work on the farm.

The only thing that she told me to do was to eat more veggies!!! It is so hard when preparing a meal for just us to make a full course meal cuz we are terrible about eating the leftovers, they usually go to waste. So i'm trying - I'm buying more veggies now I just have to remember to actually cook them! And I just bought a bunch of fruit cuz Jay is in this kick where he's having (almost) no desserts. Occasionally he will crack - but he wants to start eating more fruits and healthier sweets as an alternative to desserts...we will see how that goes though!

Well, I guess that's all for now - soon I will get a belly pic up! Although I'm not growing to fast so it might be a little while.

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