July 29, 2009

We are officially crazy!!!

Jinx (our border collie) has been up at my mom and dad's this past week, they had agreed to whelp her out for us if we got her bred. So the weekend after Memorial day we sent her over to a friends house to get bred. She had 8 pups this morning (July 29th). She was bred to a blue merle Australian Shepherd and boy did we get some color! 6 of the pups are merles - some red, some blue - there is one border collie marked male only he is red w/ white color and blaze and one black standard marked border collie female. We have decided to dock all of the tails. At last report mom and puppies are doing great and there is not a runt in the litter.

In this picture 7 out of the 8 pups have been born. Mom and Dad will be bringing Jinx and the pups back after we have our baby, when they come down to visit. By that time they will be very mobile and soft and fluffy! I can't wait!!!

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