July 17, 2009


At my 28 week check up I found out that my nurse midwife is leaving Perry Memorial Hospital in Princeton and transferring to Illinois Valley Community Hospital in Peru. I had the option to stay at PMH and deliver there with one doctor on staff and no midwives or follow Angie to Peru and deliver in a hospital with 3 midwives and 2 doctors. After talking it over with Jay, I decided that I would follow Angie to Peru for my peace of mind. I am somewhat disappointed though as the reason I chose PMH was for the waterbirth option, now I do not have that option. Although at IVCH, there are jacuzzi tubs in each room so I can use the tub while in labor but when it comes time to push I have to get out. This is really aggravating! Oh and did I mention that IVCH is a 40 minute now instead of 25-30 minutes I have 40-45 min (which is what I was avoiding in the first place by going to PMH!)

This also messes with childbirth classes. I was just getting ready to set up private classes at PMH and now have to see if IVCH will offer those, as the class doesn't start until September 2nd. There are a couple of classes I could sign up for between now and then, so I'm waiting to hear back from IVCH about the classes and what the RN who does the classes wants me to do.

Also, for those family who live an hour or more away, you don't need to come visit in the hospital (a. kids aren't allowed other than siblings of new baby, and b. too far of a drive). Please come visit us at home instead.

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