December 31, 2009

2009: An amazing year!

So I got this idea from my babycenter birth board. 2009 has been such a blessing!! Here are just some highlights:

Home pregnancy tests taken: 1
Cattle shows/sales attended: 10
Years of marriage celebrated: 2
Car accidents and tickets: 0
Weddings attended: 2
Trips to/from Michigan: 5
Computers purchased: 1
Friends/relatives who had babies or got pregnant: 10+
Baby showers attended: 4
Pounds gained: over 40
Pounds lost: 30
Puppies born: 8
Miles put on car in just one week: 1000
Photos uploaded on Facebook: hundreds
Ultrasounds had: 2
Times driven to and from Peoria: 100+ (in 4 weeks)
Surgeries had: 1
Days before due date I went into labor: 4
Hours in labor: 28
Hours pushing: 2
Scars recieved: 1
Prayers answered: 1000's
Miracles: 1
Days between anniversary and Lane's birthday: 6

Have a Happy New Year!!

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