August 27, 2009

Only 2 more weeks.....aahhhh!!!

The nursery is set up (well except for the ceiling fan, we are waiting on screws for the fan blades). The hospital bag is almost packed, all the laundry is done (for the little one) and we just need to install the car seat base (which I plan on doing this weekend). I am getting so excited!!! I'm really not that nervous about it - ok maybe about the stress of the first night home...but other than that, not really that nervous! My mom, grandma and Christy were here this past weekend helping me get stuff organized and cleaning my house and doing laundry. Things that it would take me FOREVER to do, since I can only stand for about 30-45 min before my feet and back start aching, then I have to sit down for at least 45 min to recoup. My biggest surprise so far is how it takes such a short amount of time before I am worn's crazy!

Today is Grandma Kocher's birthday - I think she was hoping for a birthday present. I told Jay when I woke up this morning that there most likely would be no baby today - he wanted to know if I was sure lol.

I can't believe how fast this pregnancy has flown by!! Even these last 4-6 weeks have disappeared. We have just been so busy this summer with fairs and cattle shows and church things and everything else.....that the weeks just fly by. There are some days that seem to drag - but before I know it, it's Friday and the weekend is here!

I still have had no major symptoms and have had a great pregnancy! Heartburn is kicking my butt, although I've found that drinking milk helps with that - so I have been chugging milk like crazy lately. I think we go through about a gallon and a half per week! And sleeping is becoming less and less comfortable as I get closer to my due date. I can only sleep for about 1.5 - 2 hrs per side before I have to roll to the other side and lately when I wake up I have found that 9/10 times I am on my back which is really the most comfortable position. But thankfully, only 2 more weeks (if not less) of uncomfortable sleep!

At my last doctor's appt last Thursday (8/20) I was dialated to a 1 and about 75% effaced. I have a doctor's appointment again tomorrow so we will see if I have made any progress.

Max and Brian will be showing steers this weekend at Bureau County - this will be my last fair before the baby arrives!! Next year at our County Fair we will have a 10 month old - CRAZY!!! Well, hopefully the next post is baby pictures!!

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